How to Build Your Own Website

You can build your own website by following these steps:
  1. Make sure you have:
    1. A web browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari
    2. A basic text editor, like WordPad or NotePad
    3. An FTP (file transfer protocol) program. If not, you can download one for free from the UGA internet support site at
    4. A server that can "host" your website. At UGA, you can have the arches server host it by going to

  2. Now that you have the software and the place to put your website, you can write your own program, which is easy:
    1. The language that is used to create webpages is html (hyper-text markup language).
    2. These html commands (also call tags) are used to tell your browser what to do.
    3. A useful set of tutorials for html can be found at
    4. Another resource is:
    5. My own summary of tags (html commands) can be found at:
    6. I also have some examples at:
    7. For any website (even this one) can serve as a template, or model, for your website. To see the html commands for this website, right click on this page and select "View Page Source".
    8. You can view the web page you are working on by using the "open file" command to view the file on your own computer.

  3. Once you have constructed your web page, you must now move it to the server
    1. Open the FTP program (WS_FTP from UGA).
    2. Create a "New" Profile
    3. Create a "Profile Name". You can use anything. I use ARCHES
    4. Enter the "Host Name". You should enter
    5. Enter your Arches User ID where indicated
    6. Enter your Arches password where indicated
    7. Press the "OK" button.
    8. On the left will be your computer's directory. On the right should be your arches directory.
    9. Enter the public_html directory, you should see the file index.htm which is your current webpage
    10. Replace that webpage with the one you created using the left-to-right arrow between the screens. Make sure it is name index.htm
    11. Check your website on arches using your browser. It should look like the one on your own computer.