CRSS (FANR) 3060 - Soils and Hydrology - Spring Semester

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Hydrology Lecture Notes (Chapters 9 - 14)

Chapter 9. Soil Water

Chapter 10. Precipitation and Evaporation

Chapter 11. Infiltration, Streamflow, and Ground Water

Chapter 12. Hydrologic Statistics and Hydraulics

Chapter 13. Erosion and Sedimentation

Chapter 14. Wastes in Soil and Water

Extra Credit: Intended to reinforce labs and lectures. When submitting, include your name and lab section. Due by the last day of class. A maximum of ten points given.

  • Soil Profile. Write a report summarizing a soil profile. The report would be similar to that in the Soil Series publication used in Lab 2, and include a summary like that provided in Labs 3 and 4. It would consist of a description of the soil horizons, uses for the soil, limitations, etc. It should include a map of the soil location, and photographs of the soil exposed. It would also include close-ups of the various layers. You can use an existing road cut, trench, or natural exposure.
  • River Rendezvous. Participate in the Annual River Rendezvous. This involves visiting field sites, collecting water samples, and describing the general conditions at the site. Additional credit is given for assisting with water analysis of these samples.

  • My Favorite Watershed. Describe a watershed, including its area, population, land use, industries, cities, lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, precipitation, evapotranspiration, streamflow, fish, wildlife, and recreational opportunities. Maps and tables summarizing the watershed should also be included.
  • Water or Soil Video. Create a video for Youtube (or a comparable site) that describes an interesting soil or water process. The video would be entertaining to the point that a significant number of people would find in interesting and useful. It should be scientifically correct and have educational value.

  • Course Evaluation

Quiz Policy: My quizzes could be on any day of the week. You may turn in your quiz early for credit if you have a legitimate excuse.

Exam Help: Two pages of notes for Exam 3, one page of hand-written (not copied) notes for the Final.