BETCO: Barometric and Earth Tide COrrection

BETCO is a Windows-executable program that removes fluctuations due to barometric pressure and Earth tides in aquifer water-level measurements. BETCO adjusts water-level measurements using barometric and Earth-tide measurements collected at equal intervals by applying a multiple regression (deconvolution) technique.

A Computer Note that describes the regression deconvolution procedure is available at:

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Additional articles using this method can be found at:

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BETCO 1.0 (download), along with the User's Manual (download), are available as free downloads. BETCO was developed by Nathaniel Toll ( and Professor Todd Rasmussen ( at the University of Georgia. Nate developed and currently maintains the program.

Input for the utility is either an ASCII comma-separated-value (CSV) table or Excel spreadsheet of observed water levels, barometric pressures, and synthetic Earth tides in consistent units (either head or pressure) and the measurement time. The output is a matrix of adjusted water-level measurements versus time in either Excel or CSV format.

Synthetic Earth tide gravity can be generated using a variety of free codes available on the internet. We have found TSOFT, developed at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, to be the easiest to use.


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