Todd C. Rasmussen, PhD
Professor of Hydrology & Water Resources

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
University of Georgia, Athens 30602-2152 - curriculum vitae

Specialization. Fluid flow and contaminant transport through surface and subsurface environments, focusing on the physical, chemical, mathematical, and statistical description and quantification of hydrologic processes.


Fall Semester Introduction to Water Resources - CRSS(WASR) 1020
Quantitative Methods in Hydrology - WASR 4500/6500
Spring Semester Soils and Hydrology - CRSS(FANR) 3060
Environmental Characterization - CRSS(WASR) 4660L/6660L
even years Aquifer Mechanics - WASR(GEOL) 8730
odd years Hydrologic Modeling - GEOL(WASR) 8740
Maymester Hydrology, Geology and Soils of Georgia - WASR 4700/6700

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AGU Monographs

  • Hydrodynamics of time-periodic groundwater flow: Diffusion waves in porous media
  • Flow and transport through unsaturated fractured rock
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    • Overview
    • Review
    • AGU42b.pdf - Pressure wave vs. tracer velocities through unsaturated fractured rock
    • AGU42.pdf - Computer simulation model of steady fluid flow and solute transport through three-dimensional networks of variably saturated, discrete fractures

    Surface Water Quality

    • EMS2006.pdf - A biogeochemical model for metabolism and nutrient cycling in a Southeastern Piedmont impoundment
    • JEQ2005.pdf - Multivariate statistical characterization of water quality in Lake Lanier, Georgia, USA
    • ASCE2005.pdf - Simulated moving bed form effects on real-time in-stream sediment concentration measurement with densitometry
    • FISC2001.pdf - Densimetric monitoring of suspended-sediment concentrations, Northeastern Georgia
    • JEQ1999.pdf - Determination of suspended sediment concentrations and particle size distributions using pressure measurements
    • GWRC1999a.pdf - In-situ monitoring of suspended sediments: Development of a densimetric monitoring instrument
    • GWRC1999b.pdf - Water quality dynamics in Lake Lanier
    • GWRC1999c.pdf - Daily sediment loads in the North Oconee River
    • GWRC1997b.pdf - Predicting the fate of Imidacloprid in a coastal plain setting using VS2DT
    • GWRC1997c.pdf - Characterization of temporal and spatial variability of turbidity in the upper Chattahoochee River
    • GWRC1995.pdf - Recommendations of the Georgia Board of Regents' scientific panel on evaluating the erosion measurement standard defined by the Georgia Erosion and Sedimentation Act
  • CVBEM Modeling

    • EABE2006.pdf - Determination of groundwater flownets, fluxes, velocities, and travel times using the complex variable boundary element method
    • CMWR2004.pdf - Determination of groundwater flow velocities using complex flux boundary conditions
    • ADWR2003.pdf - A complex variable boundary-element strategy for determining groundwater flownets and travel times
    • IJNME1997.pdf - Application of the ordinary least-squares approach for solution of complex variable boundary element problems
    • GWRC1997a.pdf - Complex variable boundary integral modeling of groundwater flow and transport

    Subsurface Characterization

    • WRR2007.pdf - Modeling the effects of throughfall reduction on soil water content in a Brazilian Oxisol under a moist tropical forest
    • VZJ2007.pdf - Monitoring surface and subsurface water storage using confined aquifer water levels at the Savannah River Site, USA
    • GW2007.pdf - Removal of barometric pressure effects and earth tides from observed water levels
    • JAWRA2006.pdf - Hydrologic behavior of vegetated roofs
    • HG2006.pdf - Combining multivariate statistical analysis with geographic information systems mapping: A tool for delineating groundwater contamination
    • HG2003.pdf - Estimating aquifer hydraulic properties using sinusoidal pumping at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina, USA
    • GW2002.pdf - Optimized system to improve pumping rate stability during aquifer tests
    • Soilphysics.pdf - Soil water movement
    • SSSAJ2000.pdf - Tracer vs. pressure wave velocities through unsaturated saprolite
    • GW2000.pdf - Regulation of injected ground water tracers
    • GW1997.pdf - Identifying and removing barometric pressure effects in confined and unconfined aquifers
    • Vadose1995a.pdf - Energy related methods: Psychrometers
    • WRR1993a.pdf - A comparison of linear regression with Clark's Method for estimating barometric efficiency of confined aquifers

    Fractured Rock

    • NUREG5239.pdf - Fluid flow and solute transport modeling through three-dimensional networks of variably saturated discrete fractures (PhD Dissertation)
    • GRL1995.pdf - Laboratory characterization of fluid flow parameters in a porous rock containing a discrete fracture
    • Vadose1995.pdf - Special problems in sampling fractured consolidated media
    • SSSAJ1994.pdf - Neutron probe calibration in unsaturated tuff
    • SSSAJ1993.pdf - Water infiltration into exposed fractured rock surfaces
    • WRR1993b.pdf - Permeability of Apache Leap Tuff: Borehole and core measurements using water and air
    • WRR1991.pdf - Steady fluid flow and travel times in partially saturated fractures using a discrete air-water interface
    • Conf1988.pdf - Unsaturated hydraulic properties of the Apache Leap Tuff Matrix
    • Conf1987.pdf - Meso-scale estimates of unsaturated fractured rock fluid flow parameters
    • Conf1987a.pdf - Effect of variable fracture permeability/matrix permeability ratios on three-dimensional fractured rock hydraulic conductivity
    • WRR1986.pdf - Water and air intake of surface-exposed rock fractures in situ
    • Rasmussen1982.pdf - Solute transport in saturated fractured media (MS Thesis)