Todd C. Rasmussen, Ph.D.
Professor of Hydrology & Water Resources

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
The University of Georgia, Athens 30602.2152
706.542.4300 -

Curriculum Vitae

Research Specialization: Fluid flow and contaminant transport through surface and subsurface environments, focusing on the physical, chemical, mathematical, and statistical description and quantification of hydrologic processes.

Appointment: Teaching (60%) and Research (40%)

Courses Taught
Fall Semester CRSS(WASR) 1020 Introduction to Water Resources
WASR 4500/6500 Quantitative Methods in Hydrology
Spring Semester CRSS(FANR) 3060 Soils and Hydrology
CRSS(WASR) 4660/6660 Environmental Characterization
GEOL(WASR) 8740 Hydrologic Modeling (2015)
WASR(GEOL) 8730 Aquifer Mechanics (2016)
Maymester WASR 4700/6700 Hydrology, Geology and Soils of Georgia

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Popular Presentations and Resources


Surface Water Quality

  • EMS2006.pdf - A biogeochemical model for metabolism and nutrient cycling in a Southeastern Piedmont impoundment
  • JEQ2005.pdf - Multivariate statistical characterization of water quality in Lake Lanier, Georgia, USA
  • GWRC2005a.pdf - Identifying sewage leaks in urban streams: Examples from Athens, GA
  • ASCE2005.pdf - Simulated moving bed form effects on real-time in-stream sediment concentration measurement with densitometry
  • FISC2001.pdf - Densimetric monitoring of suspended-sediment concentrations, Northeastern Georgia
  • JEQ1999.pdf - Determination of suspended sediment concentrations and particle size distributions using pressure measurements
  • GWRC1999a.pdf - In-situ monitoring of suspended sediments: Development of a densimetric monitoring instrument
  • GWRC1999b.pdf - Water quality dynamics in Lake Lanier
  • GWRC1999c.pdf - Daily sediment loads in the North Oconee River
  • GWRC1997b.pdf - Predicting the fate of Imidacloprid in a coastal plain setting using VS2DT
  • GWRC1997c.pdf - Characterization of temporal and spatial variability of turbidity in the upper Chattahoochee River
  • GWRC1995.pdf - Recommendations of the Georgia Board of Regents' scientific panel on evaluating the erosion measurement standard defined by the Georgia Erosion and Sedimentation Act

CVBEM Modeling

  • EABE2006.pdf - Determination of groundwater flownets, fluxes, velocities, and travel times using the complex variable boundary element method
  • CMWR2004.pdf - Determination of groundwater flow velocities using complex flux boundary conditions
  • ADWR2003.pdf - A complex variable boundary-element strategy for determining groundwater flownets and travel times
  • IJNME1997.pdf - Application of the ordinary least-squares approach for solution of complex variable boundary element problems
  • GWRC1997a.pdf - Complex variable boundary integral modeling of groundwater flow and transport

Subsurface Characterization

  • WRR2007.pdf - Modeling the effects of throughfall reduction on soil water content in a Brazilian Oxisol under a moist tropical forest
  • VZJ2007.pdf - Monitoring surface and subsurface water storage using confined aquifer water levels at the Savannah River Site, USA
  • GW2007.pdf - Removal of barometric pressure effects and earth tides from observed water levels
  • JAWRA2006.pdf - Hydrologic behavior of vegetated roofs
  • HG2006.pdf - Combining multivariate statistical analysis with geographic information systems mapping: A tool for delineating groundwater contamination
  • HG2003.pdf - Estimating aquifer hydraulic properties using sinusoidal pumping at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina, USA
  • GW2002.pdf - Optimized system to improve pumping rate stability during aquifer tests
  • Soilphysics.pdf - Soil water movement
  • SSSAJ2000.pdf - Tracer vs. pressure wave velocities through unsaturated saprolite
  • GW2000.pdf - Regulation of injected ground water tracers
  • GW1997.pdf - Identifying and removing barometric pressure effects in confined and unconfined aquifers
  • Vadose1995a.pdf - Energy related methods: Psychrometers
  • WRR1993a.pdf - A comparison of linear regression with Clark's Method for estimating barometric efficiency of confined aquifers

Fractured Rock

  • AGU42a.pdf - Flow and transport through unsaturated fractured rock: An overview
  • AGU42review.pdf - Flow and transport through unsaturated fractured rock, Second edition (Review).
  • AGU42b.pdf - Pressure wave vs. tracer velocities through unsaturated fractured rock
  • AGU42.pdf - Computer simulation model of steady fluid flow and solute transport through three-dimensional networks of variably saturated, discrete fractures
  • NUREG5239.pdf - Fluid flow and solute transport modeling through three-dimensional networks of variably saturated discrete fractures (PhD Dissertation)
  • GRL1995.pdf - Laboratory characterization of fluid flow parameters in a porous rock containing a discrete fracture
  • Vadose1995.pdf - Special problems in sampling fractured consolidated media
  • SSSAJ1994.pdf - Neutron probe calibration in unsaturated tuff
  • SSSAJ1993.pdf - Water infiltration into exposed fractured rock surfaces
  • WRR1993b.pdf - Permeability of Apache Leap Tuff: Borehole and core measurements using water and air
  • WRR1991.pdf - Steady fluid flow and travel times in partially saturated fractures using a discrete air-water interface
  • Conf1988.pdf - Unsaturated hydraulic properties of the Apache Leap Tuff Matrix
  • Conf1987.pdf - Meso-scale estimates of unsaturated fractured rock fluid flow parameters
  • Conf1987a.pdf - Effect of variable fracture permeability/matrix permeability ratios on three-dimensional fractured rock hydraulic conductivity
  • WRR1986.pdf - Water and air intake of surface-exposed rock fractures in situ
  • Rasmussen1982.pdf - Solute transport in saturated fractured media (MS Thesis)